Blanca is the new clothing range to arrive in Australia’s fashion scene.

Taking the quintessential button-down boyfriend shirts and making them accessible and fun to wear in a variety of bright hues. Blanca shirts are an oversized, pinstripe and patchwork range of clothing for women, that redefines home comfort and is sure to be part of your permanent wardrobe.

Most Blanca fashion pieces are one size fits most, so you can belt up at the waist, tie up, or let it flow the way it feels right.

Pick your choice of Blanca bobby shirt sets, or mix them up to bright colours to get the mood going.

Made using premium cotton, Blanca is for the fashion savvy and fun loving girl in all of us.

The origin of Blanca lies in the conception of Reliquia Jewellery in 2015.

Inspired by relics and family heirlooms, each collection plays on the pieces you might borrow from your grandmother's overflowing jewellery box.

Now we embrace the arrival of Blanca.

With the range about to expand into knitwear and winter coats, we welcome you to come along with us on our Blanca journey.

Limited releases…not fast fashion.