Our Story

Thread Etiquette crafts bracelets, watches, and accessories that embody the timelessness of true style. As part of our devotion to timeless design, Thread Etiquette embraces minimalism. We also use simple, solid materials that have withstood the test of time. That’s why many of our pieces feature genuine leather.

Our Vision

We don’t fix what isn’t broken, but we do make it new again through clean lines and appealing minimalist design. Our watches are unisex timepieces and bold statements; each a study in what makes a classic a classic.

Our Promise

Thread Etiquette promises to deliver formal accessories at a casual price. The universal nature of our minimalist timepieces & bracelets means that they’ll always have a home on your wrist.

Our Beliefs

  • t.e. believes in minimalist design: this honed simplicity ensures that our carefully crafted pieces remain immune to changing tides and seasons.
  • t.e. believes in the test of time: we select high quality materials that are designed to gather character with age, like a vintage red or a sharp cheddar.
  • t.e. believes in transcendent style: we design unisex timepieces and accessories. Masculine, feminine, a mix, or something else entirely — we’ve got something to suit you.