Established back in 2009 with the profile of the AFL's Superstar, Lance 'Buddy' Franklin to lend a hand and initially focussing on graphic printed tees , Nena Pasadena has now become a mainstay of the Australian guys streetwear scene. Featuring a huge range of tees in various shapes and style lengths, standard, scoop back and tall tees are just a well as a killer range of pants.The king of them all being the Flight Pant.

Nena Pasadena is also now sold internationally.

Elwood 101 has stocked Nena Pasadena since 2009.

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Make a statement with Nena and Pasadena’s creative collection designed to reflect a life of adventure. With its innovative graphic prints, this iconic label has emerged as one of Australia’s most popular streetwear brand. The designs visually represent freedom and are the result of a collective vision of a group of best friends. The label celebrates freedom and the rich experiences of life resulting in a collection which is marked by its uniqueness.

Our collection at Elwood 101 features a complete selection of clothing by Nena and Pasadena. Be it Nena & Pasadena Flight Pants, Nena Pasadena T-shirts, Nena & Pasadena Shorts or Nena Pasadena Shirts, we have it with us. Browse through our collection to discover the latest from the label.