Street style clothing that is environmentally conscious and minimise it's footprint on the earth.... using predominantly Organic, Hemp and recycled cottons.

Born in 2006 in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia, Afends was founded by Declan Wise & Jonathan Salfield off the back of a screen printing business they originally created to print band merchandise for punk & hardcore bands.

With the added culture of surf and skate injected into the punk and hardcore movement of the 2000s, the Afends ethos and style evolved into the look and feel that we stand by today. Driven by environmental and social impacts, we strive to do what's best for people and the planet; to design and deliver durable, eco-friendly and timeless apparel that will last a lifetime.

We have proudly formed a global family of like-minded and creative individuals, united by a shared passion for breathing the spirit of our lifestyles and values into the brand. We want to voice positive change and be the role models for people to think outside the box and question everything. We’re excited to announce by 2021 we will be using 100% sustainable fibres in all of our ranges, and we’re never going back.

Since 2016, the Afends Clothing HQ, Cafe and Warehouse, also based in Byron Bay, has been running off solar power. This was one of the easiest decisions we made, as solar energy is one the cleanest sources of energy. With no water required, no harmful gases released into the environment, the source of energy is abundant and helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Since we’ve had the solar power installed across our neighbouring businesses too, we can proudly say we’ve put more power back into the grid than we’ve used.