At Elwood 101, we bring you the latest collection from Effie Kats clothing to luxe up your wardrobe. Known for its unique style and quality craftsmanship, we carry an impressive range, designed to inspire.

The Effie Kats dress line is created for women of all ages, sizes and shapes with perfectly tailored pieces for a sophisticated look. Whether you are looking for Effie Kats pants, a dress or a shirt, you will find a nice range at Elwood101. 

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Melbourne designer Effie Kats who has an Instagram following of 79,000 (and growing), brings an air of sophisticated simplicity and style in all things she creates. With an emphasis on wearability and fabrics that make wearing them flattering and comfortable, we know you will love them too.

At Elwood 101, we are committed to offering you the latest from her collections, available at affordable prices for Designer fashion that is not mass produced. We are continuously adding to our range and strive to offer impeccable service.

We are also thrilled to offer her pieces for sale to our customers at Elwood 101.

Browse through our range today.

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