Sunshine, palm trees and the wild terrain, a love of this great southern land.

Saltwater, sun-bleached t-shirts with the rush of adventure to see it all or simply let it pass you by at the hotel pool.
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Beer, bongs, house parties and the ultimate chase as the weekend warriors are calling. 

Our culture is the outdoors, we are a product of the environment.
At Elwood 101, we bring you a fabulous casual wear collection from Nomadic Paradise. Stylish and comfortable, our range features various colours and is inspired by the surf and skate culture. The contemporary product line is tailored with an emphasis on wearability with options to suit everyone. If you are looking for the latest from the brand online, check out our collection. As a Nomadic Paradise Stockist, we bring you an authentic collection at an affordable price. We are always adding to our range for effortless style.
If you are planning to upgrade your wardrobe, explore the new styles that we are adding. You can shop online from our platform to give your style a contemporary twist.