One Teaspoon

At elwood101, we are proud to have been on the journey with OneTeaspoon since we first opened in 2009.

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Born in Australia from humble beginnings, with over twenty years of unparalleled fashion excellence and a penchant for pushing boundaries, One Teaspoon has matured to take its place on the world stage of designer fashion as an iconic leader and innovator of casual luxury. Worn by celebrities, musicians, models and influencers alike, each new chapter and season has seen its journey unfold and develop stronger than before.

With more than two decades of contributions from a team of collaborative and innovative designers and creatives, never afraid to push boundaries and direction through the lens of its unique rock n rock spirit, whilst remaining true to core values and epitome of rebellious cool, One Teaspoon has catapulted itself into a global fashion powerhouse distributed in over 40 countries and celebrated the world over.

From ‘those’ iconic shorts to luxe ready-to-wear pieces, dedicated fans have grown to expect an unwavering commitment to eclectic design inspirations; both edgy and wearable, styles that transcend trends, and an unconventional interpretation of conventional denim styles and fits.

One Teaspoon’s unique formula is, and will remain, a true Australian success story, now proven on a world stage. A unique vision that’s as much about how you feel, as how you look – an attitude of empowerment, celebrating ‘one’ as an inclusive community and collective; all together as one - with an overwhelming belief that one small teaspoon of “fantastically rebellious, sex infused, old school rock and roll glamour” goes a long way.