WRANGLER Womens Virgo Organic Cotton Baby Tee Shirt White

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WRANGLER Virgo Organic Cotton Baby Tee Shirt White


Virgo (Virgin) August 23rd - September 22nd.

The Virgo Zodiac Tee, a unique hand drawn graphic made for your sign.

Wear your star sign on your sleeve with your personalized zodiac graphic.

The perfect 90's inspired baby fit tee made from 100% organic cotton.



  • Element: Earth
  • Characteristics: Loyal, analytical, kind, overthinker, hardworking, practical, shy
  • Most Compatible With: Scorpio & Pisces
  • Music Genre: Soul
  • Artists: Leon Bridges, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone
  • Model is 179cm tall and is wearing a size 8

Made from 100% Organic Cotton

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